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Re: Install-*-menu policy

> Unless I missed an update, install-menu isn't yet used by the
> official fvwm2 package.

Yes, you didn't miss an update. I did send the fvwm2 maintainer
patches for it, though.

> Just to make things clear:
> 	* The current version of fvwm2 in rex has install-fvwm2menu,
> 	  which works, and which a couple of packages already use

Well, it works only if fvwm2 happens to be installed before
the other packages that use it, or did I miss something?

[points I agree with very much deleted]

> I hope I have understood the situation clearly.

As least as clear as I understand it.

> Even X users might want to be able to use programs intended
> for text terminal, if no X version is available. So, for example,
> Pine could do this:
> 	install-menu text Apps/Net pine pine.xpm "Pine" "pine"
> Fvwm2's menu driver sees that only a text version exists, so it
> installs a menu entry that runs the following command:
> 	xterm -e pine
> It should be configurable to run rxvt instead. This means that
> Pine shouldn't do this as well:
> 	install-menu X Apps/Net pine pine.xpm "Pine" "xterm -e pine"

Yes, you're right!
I didn't include that in the patches for fvwm2, though (fvwm2 noticing
there isn't a "needs X", but is a "needs term", so let's use "term").

> We need at least three kinds of "needs":
> 	text	needs a text terminal (VC, xterm, real terminal)
> 	X	needs an X display
> 	svgalib	needs a VC and svgalib

> Ian's quite busy, but he'll undoubtedly do something about it sooner
> or later. Anyway, it should be developed outside dpkg first, and only
> included in dpkg once it works.

I just uploaded "menu_0.0_i386.deb".

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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