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Re: WebSTD 2.1: debian in filenames and long paths to installed docs.

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

bruce >From: Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org>
bruce >> I think the name "debian" in every path should be taken out. If our
bruce >> standard is good then we should intend to have it adopted by other
bruce >> distributions and also the FSSTND. Having "debian" everywhere in filenames
bruce >> can be a problem.
bruce >
bruce >What should we call it? It has to be something that doesn't collide with
bruce >the WWW server document root. I was thinking of "auto" for
bruce >automaticaly-installed pages.

Remove all debian occurences. We could say that all directories in
/usr/lib/www are mapped into the root of the real tree and also an
eventual index.html if those directories do not exist in the real server

Move cgi-bin back into the server root that will simplify it even
more. Separating cgi-bin does not make sense at least for WN and CERN
since they seem to be designed around a cgi-bin in the server root.

The other servers have ample authentication mechanisms anyways.

That would make it very easy to install packages since you do not have to
modify the URL it uses. If there is a conflict then the site administrator
can solve that problem in the real root.

There could be a special handling of the real cgi-bin creating symlinks to
the files in /usr/lib/www/cgi-bin if those files are not present in the
real cgi-bin. That would allow enough control and a possibility to
override things by the system administrator. If you want to totally forbid
the usage of an installed cgi-bin file then just create an empty file and
remove all permissions.

Usage of /var/lib/www should be discouraged (only if documents are
generated by some tools! otherwise other storage in /var should be used by
the tool. Man2html uses /var/man2html for example).
Directories could be linked into the real server root the same
way done with /usr/lib/www.

The linking process could be automatized in an update-www script.

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