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Bug#5256: bug in badblocks(8) or in kernel

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, Francesco Potorti` wrote:

> On a swap file system made on a partition 23265 blocks long, I did:
> 	badblocks /dev/hdc2 23265 
> which is incorrect, because that is the number of blocks of the
> partition, while the swap file ssytem is shorter.

I believe the badblocks program ignores any filesystem, it works at a
lower level, so the command line you used is correct.

> Anyway, the kernel
> is not happy with that and gives an error.  The exact type of error is
> variable, up to a panic.  I can give more info if needed.

Please do.  Could you send me:

Info about your disks and partitioning setup.
The output of fdisk -l
your /etc/fstab

most important:
Details of the error messages you received.

and anything else you think may be useful.

Thanks very much,


Michael Nonweiler <mrn20@debian.org>
Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

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