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Re: Debian WWW standards version 2.0

From: Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@megabaud.fi>
> > 
> > 2.1 Well-Known Paths and URLs
> Can't we fix the use of "localhost" instead of <hostname> ?
> Localhost is a valid and well-known name in every system. It tells
> explicitly *where* are the pages.

Added these texts:
|1.3 Nomenclature
|    Where <hostname> appears in this document, it should be replaced by
|    one of the following:
|        1. The fully-qualified domain name of the host.
|        2. The host alias "localhost".
|        3. No text, and one slash rather than two after the colon.
|    All three of these forms should be supported.

|2.3 URL Form
|HTML pages installed in the directory trees mentioned in this proposal
|should use relative URLs without host names to refer to other files in
|the same directory tree. Absolute URLs without host names should be used
|to refer to files in another directory tree. For example a URL to another
|file in the same directory tree can be of the form "http:../dwww/foo.html",
|and a URL to another file in a different directory tree can be of the form
|If all WWW servers now support this form, it may be possible to leave the
|protocol portion "http:" out of URLs. This would provide better support
|for access using the "file:" protocol. We should note however that the
|file protocol is not useful for CGI scripts, and that we intend to provide
|a large number of run-time translated documents via CGI scripts. Thus,
|the "file:" protocol may be of marginal usefulness.

> why not simply		/usr/lib/debian-www/doc
> and			"http://<hostnamne>/debian/doc
> [Calling it "doc" instead of "documents".]

That is OK with me, I don't know if anyone feels strongly about names.
I will not change them until I hear more.

> Under /usr/doc we put a lot of stuff, only partly html. (examples for
> example).

Yes, but we are allowed to serve .txt files, and even .tar.gz files via
the WWW server. Many WWW browsers will help you save the document to the
local disk when presented with them, which is a good thing to do with
example files. You will notice that I put a .bin suffix on the boot disk
images for this reason - most browsers offer to save them if you click
on their links in my installation document.

> I vote for moving the html that packages install now under
> /usr/doc/<package> to /usr/lib/debian-www/documents (or simply __/doc)
> and leave other (original) formats under /usr/doc, out of webspace.

If this is desirable we could allow a slow transition, rather than an
immediate one. This would let us get lots of documents accessable _now_,
without changing too many packages.

> Debian directory	/usr/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin
> server must not export this directory.
> sym-links may be to	/usr/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin

> Do we break something using /usr/www instead of /usr/lib/debian-www  ?

I was reserving pathnames like that for the WWW server's document root.
debian-www is no longer the document root.



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