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Re: WWW close-to-final proposal changes in response to criticism

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

bruce >> I think the matter of setting up things should be left to the webserver
bruce >> since webservers have features that might remove the need for symlinks
bruce >> or symlink-trees. It is sufficient to specify where a web application can
bruce >> install its stuff and upon what html address it can rely on. The Webserver
bruce >> should cope with things beyond that.
bruce >
bruce >Setting up what things? This is very unclear.

Instead of a symlink I could use a "ScriptAlias" or an "Alias" command.
Some of thos even might support overlaying (like a searchpath) which will
be preferable to a symlink tree.

bruce >> If you specify symlinks then the development of more advanced methods to
bruce >> accomplish what we want will be stifled.
bruce >
bruce >Why?

As said above. A Server might be able to implement the search for multiple
cgi-bins for example in a more efficient way than a symlink tree.

bruce >I think we are not communicating clearly. Perhaps I should re-write the proposal
bruce >before we argue about this any more.

Please study the "Simpler Webproposal" that I posted yesterday. The only
thing we really need standardized is the location where tools are
installed in the UNIX tree and the Web-location. Overlaying can/should be
done but how is immaterial and depending on the abilities of Webservers.

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