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Re: Problems with dpkg and package case

On 03 Nov 1996 18:07:22 CST Guy Maor (maor@ece.utexas.edu) wrote:
> Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:
> > Is this [dpkg's inconsistent behavior of cases] intended behavior,
> > or is it a problem ?
> It is a problem, and it's documented in programmer's 4.2.1.  Ian
> recommends to use lowercase packages names.

Programmer's manual 4.2.1 says:

  They must be at least two characters and must start with an 
  alphanumeric. In current versions of dpkg they are sort of
  case-sensitive[14]; use lowercase package names unless the 
  package you're building (or referring to, in other fields) 
  is already using uppercase. 

In fact dpkg is not case-sensitive (maybe of `sort', but...). The 
fact is I cannot have a package with:

  Conflicts: package-A
  Replaces: package-A
  Provides: package-a

As package-A is a legacy package, I'll guess I'll have to change my 
provide line to read: 

  Package: tclx74
  Conflicts: tclX
  Replaces: tclX
  Provides: tclx-shell

But, it will be inconsistent with other packages...
What would be the best provided package then ?


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