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Re: dpkg-verify?

'Wayne Schlitt wrote:'
>In <199611031739.MAA08197@unix3.netaxs.com> Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:
>> >> > ... check a package vs the current installation against:
>> >> > a) missing files
>> >> > b) wrong permissions
>> >> > c) wrong sizes/date stamps/link counts
>> What are the goals? 
>SCO systems have a "fixperms" command that has been proven to be very
>useful over the years.  It's amazing the number of ways that a file
>can get the wrong permissions or owner.  Especially when you have a
>less than expert running the system.  I have used it a lot more times
>to fix up other peoples problems than my own, but I have still used it
>once and a while.  It is a lot faster than restoring from a backup and
>the permissions, owner, and group is usually much shorter than the
>path (especially if you use default values).

Excellent.  Yes this sort of tool is needed.  But it needs to be
configurable as some admins chmod u-s (or chmod o-rx) several files
outside of dpkg's knowledge.  Perhaps the checksecurity script could be
made more useful?  IMO this should be a tool not a dpkg database
feature.  I thought someone recently posted something for this purpose,
but I can't find it ...

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