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Debian Device Manager Position

From: Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org>
> I apply for this position. Where should I send my resume ? :-)
> BTW, I also apply for the password/group manager as well.

From: lists@lina.inka.de (Bernd Eckenfels)
> since I started pathing the old Makedev anyway (a few errors like
> old-style-ptys and others), I will take that job.
> Greetings
> Bernd

Would you two please discuss between yourselves who will do what?
I'd be happy to see one of you take on the task and the other serve
as backup. You can also split some tasks like going over the bug list
and desk-checking against MAKEDEV you wish. I'd like to have this working
and the bugs closed out of the bug list quite soon, so splitting tasks
would not be a bad thing.

Please get back to me and tell me who is the Device Manager and who is
the Device Manager's backup [ the Vice-Device :-) ].



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