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colour-ls showing up in dselect

On my system using the `mounted' access method and after Update it
shows up in `Removed Optional packages in section misc'.  It's
selected for installation, for some reason.  If I deselect it with `_'
and go back into dselect it has disappeared completely.

The longer string for `Removed' which you get at the top of the list
is `Removed and no longer available packages'.

This seems correct to me.  I suspect that dpkg-ftp is doing something
wrong with available packages info.

To determine what is causing the bug, try the following method:

Firstly, does `dpkg --print-avail color-ls say' that the package is
available ?  If it does then there is a bug there.  Try going through
the Update option again.  This should make it go away.  If it doesn't
then either there is a bug in the Update script for the method you're
using or one of the Packages files you have is out of date.

If dpkg --print-avail color-ls says that the package is not available
then dselect should (in the default sort by availability mode) display
it as follows, depending on its current and indicated wanted status
(dpkg --status color-ls): if the package is purged and not selected
for installation, not at all; if the package is not installed, but is
selected for installation, under `Removed and no longer available
packages'; if the package is installed, under `Obsolete and local
packages present on system'.  If it does something different it's
probably a bug in dselect proper.  Look in pkglist.cc.


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