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Re: Standards for WebServers

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
: > : www is a user, so you could expand those paths to 
: > : /home/www/www
: > : and
: > : /home/www/www/cgi-bin
: > 
: > This way seems quite smart to me.  As keeping _application_ edited
: > files/directories under /var/.  I'd assume, html-documents are mostly 
: > _user_ edited and should go somewhere under /home.  And since I'd see CGI
: > scripts as html documents, I'd put them under /home too.
: But on a lot of sites /home is mounted over NFS, either directly or
: through AMD.. This is going to cause a lot of trouble! Just something
: to keep in mind.

We should keep in mind too, that sites where /home is mounted via NFS
probably aren't the majority, or I'm wrong?  Sites with NFS mounted
dirs need special adjustments anyway, so in such a case the local
administrator should have any problems to adjust the web root too.

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