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Bug#5036: xman shows garbage

Package: xcontrib
Version: 3.1.2-1

Program: xman

When selecting some manual pages from xman I get sometimes an unexpected
I select the 'rcp' man page from xman and get (after formatting):

copies files between machines. Each or argument is either a
remote file name of the form ''rname@rhost:path'', or a local
sion of

The first line is in bold face. The rest is in normal face.

I think the crucial thing is whether the name of the program is in bold
face or not. Consider the following sections from the 'rcp' and the
'rstat' man page source code:

.Dd July 27, 1991
.Dt RCP 1
.Os BSD 4.3r
.Nm rcp                         %DE: Here the name is in bold face.
.Nd remote file copy


.\" @(#)rstat.1 2.1 88/08/03 4.0 RPCSRC
.TH RSTAT 1 "3 August 1988"
rstat \- remote status display
.B rstat			%DE: Here the name is NOT in bold face.
.B host

I'm using debian 1.1, kernel 2.0.18 and libc 5.2.18-9.

Dominik Eberlein

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