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Re: Standards for WebServers

On Sun, 27 Oct 1996, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> What are the standards for:
> 1. The root directory of the webpages (I assume /var/web/webspace ?)
> 2. The directory for cgi-bin? (Assumed /usr/lib/http/cgi-bin in my
> packages)
> Apache was moving things around lately so I guess there is some confusion.
> Could we agree on a standard and put that into the policy?

We are using here         ~www/www           as root for www material.
The cgi-bin directory is  ~www/www/cgi-bin/
Users have their stuff in ~/www/
The cache resides in      /var/www/          (maybe this should be changed 
                                              to /var/proxy or /var/cache) 
and the logs in           /var/log/www/

This is also how I plan to set it in the Roxen package.


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