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xaw3d+arrowscrollbars option

Lately, I've recieved tons of requests for the
arrow scrollbars to be added to xaw3d.
The stream of mailes wasn't as big/urgent as when
I briefly enabled the scrollbars back in (I think) march,
and I got a few mails about xterm not working any more,
but still, al lot of requests.

So, I would like the scrollbars to become an option with
xaw3d. The easies would be to upload 2 packages, xaw3d-arrow,
and xaw3d, but that's polluting the packages name-space even
more, as well as increasing the size of the total system by another
300k or so.

As there are about 24 references to ARROW_SCROLLBAR in the
source, I'm not going to turn the compile-time option into
a run-time option (I'm going to make too many errors while doing that),
so, the only other thing I could think of is splitting libXaw3d into
a non-ARROW_SCROLLBAR-dependant part (around 300k), and two
ARROW_SCROLLBAR dependant part (both around 12k), one compiled
with -DARROW_SCROLLBAR, and one without. Then, the user would be
able to do at any time he likes
to enable the arrow-scrollbars
   cd /usr/X11R6/lib/Xaw3d
   ln -sf libXaw3d-scroll-arr.so.6.1 libXaw3d-scroll.so
or to disable them
   ln -sf libXaw3d-scroll.so.6.1     libXaw3d-scroll.so

But before I do this, I would like to know if there are people
who know better options.

Thanks very much,

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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