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Re: kernel for 1.2

Bruce wrote:

> 2. Build the default kernel as bzImage, so that there are no longer problems
>    with the kernel becoming larger than 640K. We are switching to a LILO
>    boot floppy to facilitate this.

There is a problem with that:  this will allow you only to boot from disks
known to the BIOS.  People with SCSI adapters without BIOS support (like the
AHA-1505) will not be able to use it. I encountered that with my 1542B,
because its BIOS is conflicting with my motherboard and i had to disable it.
Now i am booting to M$-DOS, install the ASPI drivers and use loadlin to
boot Linux.  I concede that this scenarion is not very common, but we should
be at least prepared to deal with it.  Include a BIG warning label if
nothing else.

> 3. Please leave IP forwarding turned ON. It's a small change in code size
>    and a lot of trouble for users if they have to build a kernel just
>    to turn it on.

But isn't that violating the host requirements RFC?  Maybe it would be
better to convert the compile-time option to a run-time option.

The problem with having IP forwarding on by default is that a lot of
network management tools use the IP forward flag to determine the
existance of a router.  And when the alarm bells in a NOC go on every time
a (Debian-)Linux system is booted, our beloved OS will be put on the black
list within an eyes blink!

Dominik Kubla

BTW. I think a lot of now compile-time options need to be converted to
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