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Release-critical bugs

Brian White - can you add these to your list, modulo discussion ?


The following bugs are IMO too serious to release without further

#4919: libc5-dev /usr/include/{asm,linux} are BROKEN!!
   Package: libc5-dev; Reported by: Guy Maor <maor@ece.utexas.edu>. 

#4902: Major security hole in xvmount
   Package: xvmount; Reported by: Michael Meskes

#4897: loading NFS module (resub)
   Package: kernel; Reported by: "Richard D. Hamlin" <rdhamlin@vegan.org>. 
#4896: loading NFS module
   Package: kernel; Reported by: "Richard D. Hamlin" <rdhamlin@vegan.org>. 
#3999: nfs module fails to load
   Package: kernel; Reported by: agw@mail.nerc-bas.ac.uk; 82 days old. 

#4895: gcc installs before binutils and fails
   Package: gcc; Reported by: "Richard D. Hamlin" <rdhamlin@vegan.org>. 

#4849: /etc/passwd contains entries above 99
   Package: base; Reported by: Lukas Nellen <lukas@teorica0.ifisicacu.unam.mx>.

#4837: Bad installation of cron in Debian 1.1.4
   Package: cron; Reported by: Francesco Potorti` <F.Potorti@cnuce.cnr.it>. 

#4717: perl won't install
   Package: perl; Reported by: rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu; 16 days old. 

#4331: [linux-security] [linux-alert] SECURITY FIX/UPDATE: anonftp (fwd)
   Package: wu-ftpd; Reported by: Marek Michalkiewicz
   <marekm@i17linuxb.ists.pwr.wroc.pl>; 55 days old. 

#4245: S-96-48: Vulnerability in "bash" (fwd)
   Package: bash; Reported by: jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl (J.H.M.Dassen); 61 days

#4131: majordom -- 30 or 31?
   Package: base; Reported by: Michael Shields <shields@crosslink.net>; 71 days

#4075: Possible security problem with lrzsz
   Package: lrzsz; Reported by: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>; 76 days

Most of the following bugs ought IMO really to be fixed before we
release (most of these are here because they seem to be FAQs):

#4856: elm can't lock without sgid & can't send mail
   Package: elm; Reported by: Herbert Xu <herbert@greathan.apana.org.au>. 
#4845: elm wrong call to sendmail and missing sgid
   Package: elm; Reported by: ecki@lina.inka.de (Bernd Eckenfels). 
#4806: elm can't open /var/spool/mail/user
   Package: elm; Reported by: Tony Finch <fanf2@hermes.cam.ac.uk>; 7 days old. 

#4838: Bad installation of smail in Debian 1.1.4
   Package: smail; Reported by: Francesco Potorti` <F.Potorti@cnuce.cnr.it>. 

#4298: arrow keys in dselect don't work after search
   Package: ncurses3.0; Reported by: Joey Hess <joey@kite.preferred.com>;
   merged with #2962, #3974; 58 days old. 
#4820: dselect: cursor keys do not work after searching with /
   Package: dpkg; Reported by: Anton Rebhan <rebhana@tph16.tuwien.ac.at>. 

#4778: mailx use a bad file locking method
   Package: mailx; Reported by: Loic Prylli <lprylli@mygale.org>; 10 days old. 

#4752: majordomo quoting problem in advertisement decision
   Package: majordomo; Reported by: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk>;
   12 days old. 

#4675: libc5-dev: net headers are very incomplete
   Package: libc5-dev; Reported by: Randy Gobbel <gobbel@cogsci.ucsd.edu>; 21
   days old. 

#4668: tar seg faults when multi volume is selected
   Package: tar; Reported by: Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de>; 22
   days old. 

#4656: checksecurity script has incorrect regular expression.
   Package: cron; Reported by: "David M. Cooke" <d.m.cooke@larc.nasa.gov>; 23
   days old. 

#4493: Installing perl
   Package: perl; Reported by: behanw@verisim.com (Behan Webster); 39 days old.

#4453: Debian 1.1.4 deos not bootstrap with SCSI NCR53c810
   Package: bootdisk; Reported by: Costantino Sertorio <sertorio@ira.uka.de>; 44
   days old. 
#4017: boot disk doesn't recognize NCR scsi 
   Package: bootdisk; Reported by: Richard Tietjen <rtietjen@kale.connix.com>; 
   80 days old. 
#3185: Lack of NCR53c810 support on boot disk
   Package: bootdisk; Reported by: Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>; 143
   days old. 

#3905: base disks still install part packages
   Package: base; Reported by: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>; 92 days
#3838: GCC should depend on CPP, not conflict with it
   Package: gcc; Reported by: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>; 96 days

#2939: Bad dpkg/ldconfig Interaction
   Package: dpkg; Reported by: david@elo.ods.com (David Engel); 168 days old. 

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