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Re: Debian Releases

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Brian C. White wrote:

> One solution that comes to mind is to make the next distribution (call
> it "bo" for now) with nothing but symlinks back to "rex".  As packages
> get updated in "unstable"/"bo", those links would be replaced by real
> files.  Updates made to "codefreeze"/"rex" would still require only
> one actual file and one updated symlink.
I like this for two reasons. One, it lets us freeze rex without slowing
down development, while still fixing bugs in rex. Two, it moves us along
toward the following (bo) release while we are still working on getting
rex out the door. (no waiting on things by some developers while others
are running as hard as they can)
By my best calculations we are somewhere between an month to 10 days late
on the target release for rex and don't appear to be getting close anytime
soon. I suggest that we impliment this move as soon as possible if we ever
hope to get 1.2 out the door before Christmas.



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