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Re: Bug#4764: ELKS should not use /etc/init.d just to load a module

> ELKS like dosemu uses this technology to be independent of the kernel
> version. Otherwise I have to compile ELKS for each kernel
> version.

That is not only wrong but also hazardous!

1. Kernel modules are always kernel dependant unless the kernel and the
   modules are compiled with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y.

2. Unconditionally pushing a module into kernel space may have damaging

Currently the stock Debian kernel is compiled without CONFIG_MODVERSIONS
(which should be changed ASAP!), meaning that every maintainer suppling
kernel modules is _REQUIRED_ to recompile his package each time the kernel
package changes.

Because of that i will reopen the bug. In addition i will file bug-reports
for the kernel and dosemu as well.

  Dominik Kubla

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