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Re: Thoughts regarding package installation

'Lars Wirzenius wrote:'
>> I'm not usre we need to wait so long.  Can't we start switching over
>> now?
>It isn't workable, unless and until just about all packages use
>it. We can't delay 1.2 until all packages have been inspected
>and converted. We can start it now, but we first need a working
>implementation of cfgtool. cfgtool needs to be runnable

OK, I see we need a working cfgtool first.  But once that's available
why can't some packages use it and others do not.  Of course, the full
benefit can't be realized until all packages use it, but ...

>We also need some guidelines for what kinds of stuff is stored
>with cfgtool. I've been talking about "system configuration
>variables". More specifically, the following are OK:
>	- settings used by /etc/init.d/*
>	- settings used by /etc/cron.*/*
>	- settings used by other similar scripts

Are there any other relevant scripts?  Yes, I guess at modifies
/etc/crontab and qpopper modifies /etc/inetd.conf.  Others?

At least I want an option to turn off each package (leave it installed
for manual testing and documentation reading, but otherwise off (that
is, no /etc/cron.* scripts do anything, /etc/init.d/pkg isn't started,
and any other /etc modifications aren't implemented)).

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