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Still shlibs problems.

Ok, sorry guys, this is my third post on the topic...

I'm building package P and P-dev.
P provides a library and some executables which uses this shlib.
P-dev provides the static library and the .so link, plus some 
P-doc provides some extra documentation

I want to:
1) Say that P-dev depends on the exact same version of P
2) Say that P-doc depends on P (whatever version)

Right now, what I do is that I have a control refering to 
$(shlibs:Depends) for P and P-dev, and refering to P for P-doc.
My shlibs.local contains a reference to the library as P(=version).
And the shlibs contains a ref as P(>=version)

The problem with that is that P depends on itself. Is that a major 
problem ?

On an other topic, about uploading the new debian packages, it's not 
clear to me wether:
1) I should upload:
	+ the original sources (P_v.orig.tar.gz)
	+ the patches I've made to the source (P_v.diff.gz)
	+ the debianization files (P_v.dsc)
   And then upload new diffs to the orig sources and new dsc for 
minor revs.

2) Or upload:
 	+ the modified sources (P_v.tar.gz)
	+ the debianization info (P_v.dsc)
   And then upload diffs to my modified sources and new dsc for minor 

Can anyone help me on this one ?

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