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Re: Questions regarding the base system


> If you do this, please _ALWAYS_ use the "generic" MBR on the Master Boot
> Record. Please do not install LILO there, keep LILO on a partition.

Since i know a lot of ppl who like lilo as the primary boot loader (and i
know quite a few hosts which where broken after typing 'yes' to  "install mbr",
i will still keep the option for installing lilo in the mbr: a full
liloconfig menue will look like this:

 root-fs is on: hda2
 found devices: hda hdb
    bootdevice: hda
active/default: hda2

Choose one of the following boot-methods

 e      Use [e]xisting /etc/lilo.conf.
 s *    Install /boot/mbr.b as a [s]imple boot manager in /dev/hda
        and install lilo in the root-fs boot sector /dev/hda2.
 b *    Install lilo in the root-fs [b]oot sector /dev/hda2.
 m *    Install lilo in the [m]aster boot record /dev/hda.
 a      [A]ctivate the root partition /dev/hda2 w/o installing a bootloader.
 q      [Q]uit without changing anything.

(* marks methods which create a new /etc/lilo.conf.)
(Changed configuration will be backuped to /etc/lilo.conf.OLD.)
(Before liloconfig runs lilo, you are always asked to edit/view lilo.conf.)

Press (esbmaq) or ? for help [e]:


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