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Bug#4727: Manpages how to use them

Christoph Lameter:
> There is still no hint anywhere on how to display manpages in German. 

When you install the package, it tells you:

    Setting up manpages-de (0.1-5) ...
    To enable these manpages set LC_MESSAGES to 'de_DE'.  Man will then
    search for german manpages under /usr/man/de_DE (this directory should
    be added to the MANDB_MAPs in etc/manpath.conf for catmans to be stored).
"man man" tells you:

       International  support  is  available  with  this package.
       Native language manual pages are accessible (if  available
       on  your system) via use of locale functions.  To activate
       such support, it is necessary to set either  $LC_MESSAGES,
       $LANG  or another system dependent environment variable to
       your language  locale,  usually  specified  in  the  POSIX
       1003.1 based format:


       If  the  desired page is available in your locale, it will
       be displayed in lieu of  the  standard  (usually  American
       English) page.

But I do think /usr/doc/manpages-de should contain a reference
to this. The message output by postinst is very easy to miss,
especially if using dselect.

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