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Re: Troubles with the debian.org nameservers

I can also offer a few secondaries if needed. Certainly the Los Angeles
Linux Group would be glad to offer services.

Here is a way to post to the lists while debian.org is down: Have sendmail
use an mailertable and put the following info into it:

lists.debian.org smtp:[]
bugs.debian.org  smtp:[]
master.debian.org       smtp:[]

Adding the following hosts to /etc/hosts might also help with some other
# Debian.org  master.debian.org       debian  lists.debian.org        lists  bugs.debian.org         bugs

My systems can post now through these changes despite a nonexitent debian

I guess we will be down to at least early Tuesday assuming no one
competent cannot be reached until Monday. Then you have the time it takes
for all nameservers worldwide to update.

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