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Bug#4695: iso-accents-mode eats Keys

Ok, that's escape sequences then. 

You can type http:// -- just type http colon slash SPACE slash SPACE
and it'll be fine.  (When I use iso-accents, I just bind a key to
toggle the mode, so I only turn it on when I really need it.)

joey@infodrom.north.de (Martin Schulze) writes:

> Mark W. Eichin writes:
> > > Some position keys don't work when the minor mode iso-accents-mode
> > > is enabled in Emacs.
> > 
> > is this on a linux console, under X, or on a remote or xterm
> > terminal-based emacs invocation (and if so, what value of $TERM)? (if
> > it's under X I'd be surprised, as PgUp et. al. are defined directly,
> > not in terms of escape sequences.)
> This is on a virtual console (I'll try it under X11 next time).
> $TERM is 'linux' - right after login, and I'm using a 132x44 console
> at home and at work.
> There's another thing that I have noticed in conjunction with this
> minor mode. It is not possible to type http:// because the two '/'
> get converted into a '0'.
> Regards,
> 	Joey
> -- 
>   / Martin Schulze  *  joey@infodrom.north.de  *  26129 Oldenburg /
>  /                                     http://home.pages.de/~joey/
> /  Ich glaube nur der Statistik, die ich selbst gefdlscht habe! /

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