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Re: proposal: pseudo source packages

Michael Meskes wrote:
: Heiko Schlittermann writes:
: > Hm .., .orig.tar.gz isn't really empty.  It would contain the unmodified
: > binaries (i386, m68k) and _no_ debian files.
: But then these aren't sources.

Thats why I called 'em `pseudo' sources.

: > Perhaps the .dsc file could include a hint about this `pseudo'-package.
: > And we'd need debian versioning of the source files.
: I thought xforms is a binary-only package. So you don't have to upload any
: source.

For xforms you're right.  But the version problem might occure on real
sources too.

Imagine a real source package where the maintainer made a mistake
packing the .orig.tar.gz.   Unce uploaded there's no way to notify
others about a new packed .orig.tar.gz (unless check all your already
downloaded sources agains the md5sums recorded in the .dsc files)

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