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Bug#4601: Several small problems in Apache

   Many of the modules offered are called "*required*" which didn't seem
   to me to be required.  Sorry, I forget which ones exactly.
   But I chose not to load common_log_module and got a syntax error due
   to the TransferLog directive.

So, wasn't this one required? The way the configuration process works is
the following: it looks for directives in the configuration files and
marks modules that implements the directives as required. So if you use the
TransferLog directive you *need* a log module, one of common_log_module
or config_log_module. By default, this is the later because it replaces
the former and is better. But if you don't use any of them, there will
be a syntax error.

   I also got a syntax error when "#LoadModule proxy_module
   /usr/lib/apache/modules/mod_proxy.so" was included.  I had to comment
   it out.  Perhaps it depends on another module that I hadn't loaded?

No. But I'd like to get the message. Can you try to reproduce the problem?

   Very nice configuration .. just a little incomplete.

Thanks for the compliment. Could you elaborate on what would be needed
to make a 'complete' configuration? This would help me.


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