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Bug#4628: dpkg-source cannot create new .xpm file in diffs

Package: dpkg-dev
Version: 1.4.0


I added a XPM file to a package, and when I try to build it I get

dpkg-source: building povray using existing povray_3.0.10.orig.tar.gz
dpkg-source: building povray in povray_3.0.10-1.diff.gz
dpkg-source: cannot represent change to mini-xpovicon.xpm: binary file contents changed
dpkg-source: building povray in povray_3.0.10-1.dsc
dpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source

and the build process stops. This is really annoying. Does this mean that
the current package format is not able to represent changes as simple as
adding an image to a package (I know it is binary, but then it should be
handled anyway)? Or is there a solution?

Thanks for any info,

Yves Arrouye                          Email: Yves.Arrouye@marin.fdn.fr
7, avenue Leon Bollee                Web: http://www.fdn.fr/~yarrouye/
75013 Paris                                      Work: +33 45 95 64 59
France                                           Home: +33 53 61 09 55

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