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Re: Problems with dselect...

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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 22:51:31 -0700
From: Ken Rea <wildcat@PCEZ.COM>
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Subject: Re: Out of ptys

Yep, I didn't care much for dselect either.  I can understand what they
are trying to do but I think it is overly complex.  What I ended up doing
was installing the most of it then going in and changing a lot of the
startup stuff to the slack ware style that I'm used to.

That has worked rather well.  It took a bit of time but the server runs
like I want it to.  There is a nice mix of the admin stuff that comes with
the debian and the rest is straight forward like the slackware is.  If
anything needs to be updated I just get the package from where ever it
comes from and update it my self with out the dselect program.  I think it
works better that way.

Ken Rea

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Jon Lewis wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Michael Dillon wrote:
> > Stop right there. This is a list for SERVER's. Format your hard drive and
> > install RedHat http://www.redhat.com or Debian http://www.debian.org
> Since traffic has been relatively sparse, I hope people won't mind a
> slightly off-topic followup.
> Is it just me, or is the Debian distribution's install system (dselect)
> horribly user unfriendly?  I had to setup a new linux box for a friend a
> few days ago, and thought it would be a perfect chance to try out Debian.
> Having no time for look for an RTFM, I just jumped in, made the necessary
> boot and install floppies, booted them, installed the "base system" and
> tried installing the rest.  That's where things went downhill real fast.
> Getting dselect to install the packages I wanted was a real pain...it kept
> bitching at me about dependancies and requirements, and the end result was
> my booting slackware and installing slackware 3.1.
> One day, when I have some spare time, I'll go looking for the manual
> (assuming there is one) on dselect, so I can try again...or maybe I should
> give Red Hat another shot.  I tried it briefly over a year ago, and hated
> it.  I like/respect a lot of the Debian developers though...so I think I'd
> be happer with it, if I could just install the darn thing.
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Ken Rea

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