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Bug#4568: a2ps binary still a.out

  Yves Arrouye writes:
  Yves>  I'd like to take the a2ps package if its maintainer does not plan to
  Yves> maintain it anymore: I have patches to make it work with libpaper
  Yves> that I'd like to see in the Debian version.

To best of my knowledge, a2ps and a2gs are orphaned. Casual inspection of the
packages on my mirror reveals that they were created in February and
September of 1995, respectively.  Yep, that's twelve, or nineteen *months*

I would prefer it if you patched the more useful enscript (successor to
genscript). Or psutils, dvips, ...  in short: programs that people use and
maintain. But you are of course free to do whatever you personally
prefer. Just my 0.02 centimes.

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                             http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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