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New slang packages : jed slrn and other maintainers take note

I have put my new slang packages on
ftp://ftp.netaxs.com/people/cjf/debian or

The only reason I havn't put them on master yet is the questions I
just posted regarding Section and Priority fields.  Everything else
about the package has been as well tested as I can muster right now.
So if you need this to build jed or slrn or other package, check it
out.  You'll need it at least for the dpkg-shlibdeps stage in your

I'll probably put it on master tomorrow after my questions about
packaging are resolved.

Christopher J. Fearnley            |    Linux/Internet Consulting
cjf@netaxs.com, cjf@onit.net       |    UNIX SIG Leader at PACS
http://www.netaxs.com/~cjf         |    (Philadelphia Area Computer Society)
ftp://ftp.netaxs.com/people/cjf    |    Design Science Revolutionary
"Dare to be Naive" -- Bucky Fuller |    Explorer in Universe

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