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Re: where are guidelines?

joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl (joost witteveen)  wrote on 23.09.96 in <m0v5I66-00013TC@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl>:

> I believe in the good old days, the guidelines were in
> dpgk. But I just installed dpkg-1.3-?, and they have gone.

As discussed on the list, you need dpkg-dev.

>  $ find /usr -name "*guideli*"
> find: ./doc/examples/modules/GOODIES: Permission denied

Two problems:

1. Who installed unreadable docs? That's a bug.

2. The guidelines are no longer called by that name. Last I looked, one  
manual was *policy*, the other *program*.

> Could somebody please tell me what package I need to install to
> get them back? (Yes, I know of the dpkg -S option, but that doesn't
> help if the right package isn't installed to begin with)

The Contents files are your friend, except with the wrong name it doesn't  

> Also, I was hoping I could find the guidelines as to how to update
> old packages to the new source format -- but I must be overlooking
> something very obvious (I'm sure), as I cannot find this eighter.

Somewhere in the *program* part, I think.

MfG Kai

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