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where are guidelines?

I believe in the good old days, the guidelines were in
dpgk. But I just installed dpkg-1.3-?, and they have gone.

(So, I installed as many related packages as I could find from
a search in the Packages file, but to no avail)

 $ find /usr -name "*guideli*"
find: ./doc/examples/modules/GOODIES: Permission denied

Could somebody please tell me what package I need to install to
get them back? (Yes, I know of the dpkg -S option, but that doesn't
help if the right package isn't installed to begin with)

Also, I was hoping I could find the guidelines as to how to update
old packages to the new source format -- but I must be overlooking
something very obvious (I'm sure), as I cannot find this eighter.

Thanks a lot,

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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