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Re: Bug#4556: inn shouldn't limit message size

You (Martin Schulze) wrote:
> Package: inn
> Version: 1.4unoff4-1
> The innd is compiled with a maximum size of news articles.  The Eunet
> company posts monthly news statistics that are longer...
> Here are the used values:
> *ott--* <stesch> ##  Largest acceptable article size; 0 allows any size
> *ott--* <stesch> #### =()<MAX_ART_SIZE           @<MAX_ART_SIZE>@>()=
> *ott--* <stesch> MAX_ART_SIZE            350000
> Miquel, could you please change this.

This bug has been reported quite a couple of times now. I'm working on a -2
release, but INN is a very big package and I cannot do more then one or
two test-builds a week so progress is slow.

In the mean time, edit /etc/news/boot and add "-l0" to the startup flags
for INN, this will remove the size limitations (see manpage for innd).

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