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Re: Bug#4550: Build of "ae" fails since it's statically linked

The N option is used to statically link a program. What manpage were you
looking at?

On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

dwarf>On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, llucius wrote:
dwarf>> I'm sorry it was the "-N" link option that causes "ae" to be linked 
dwarf>> statically.  Is it really necessary to use the option?
dwarf>Well, my man page says:
dwarf>       -N     specifies  readable and writable text and data sec-
dwarf>              tions. If the output  format  supports  Unix  style
dwarf>              magic numbers, the output is marked as OMAGIC.
dwarf>              When  you  use the `-N' option, the linker does not
dwarf>              page-align the data segment.
dwarf>none of which seems to have anything to do with static vs shared
dwarf>Do you have libc5-dev and ncurses3.0-dev installed? I believe that the
dwarf>linker decides whether or not to link static or shared by which kind of
dwarf>library it finds in it's search path. The dev packages provide the shared
dwarf>libraries in the proper place to satisfy the linker.
The linker has to be instructed to link static otherwise it will do
dynamic linking.

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