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Re: Bug#4550: Build of "ae" fails since it's statically linked

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, llucius wrote:

> I'm sorry it was the "-N" link option that causes "ae" to be linked 
> statically.  Is it really necessary to use the option?
Well, my man page says:

       -N     specifies  readable and writable text and data sec-
              tions. If the output  format  supports  Unix  style
              magic numbers, the output is marked as OMAGIC.

              When  you  use the `-N' option, the linker does not
              page-align the data segment.

none of which seems to have anything to do with static vs shared

Do you have libc5-dev and ncurses3.0-dev installed? I believe that the
linker decides whether or not to link static or shared by which kind of
library it finds in it's search path. The dev packages provide the shared
libraries in the proper place to satisfy the linker.

Is your architecture different in this reguard?



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