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Re: ae as default editor?

> Why is ae the default editor for vipw/vigr even on a completely
> installed system?
> Doesn't VI-gr/pw suggest that a VI clone is executed?  I can
> understand to use ae as a fallback editor, but not as the main one

Probably it is setup for the same reason ae is the default editor on
the base disk.  A new user, somebody who has only known DOS, WindowsX,
or MacOS will probably be completely unable to deal with vi, but will
probably be able to handle ae.  Because these new users might be told
to use vipw or vigr to edit the passwd or group file, it is better to
stick them into a "friendly" editor.  More experienced users will be
able to set their EDITOR variable to call the correct editor (A more
experienced user will also be able to get the job done in ae if need


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