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Re: ldso breaks a.out?

After some discussion, it turns out that one change in 1.8.0->1.8.1
was to cause ld.so to be built as ELF instead of a.out.  It works fine
with a 2.0 kernel AFAIK, but my home system is a 1.2.13 system and the
uselib("/lib/ld.so") syscall fails with the ELF ld.so.

I don't know yet if this was intentional on the part of the ld.so
upstream maintainers; it seems poor form to break support for 1.2.13
when 2.0.x isn't stable yet (2.0.20 wasn't quite right, is 2.0.21
solid?) but then, they probably did it a while back...

I have my system working again by the expedient of (1) rebuilding uucp
as ELF (the debian.rules is broken, and actually *installs* the files
instead of building the package, but that had the right effect :-) and
(2) grabbing ld.so-1.7.14-4 and installing the ld.so from that  (and
building a static fileutils, Just In Case :-)

I'm not suggesting that debian maintainers should spend any extra time
on old kernels like this; I can pay for my own conservatism/paranoia :-)
If there's anyone else here running a "modern" debian on a 1.2.13
kernel, though, let me know - I'd be willing to put up for ftp the 3
packages that need "fixes" to be compatible (traceroute, bind, and
ldso...) for others with similar concerns...

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