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Re: Bug#4550: Build of "ae" fails since it's statically linked

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, llucius wrote:

> Package: ae
> Version: 962-9
> 1)  "debian/rules" uses "dpkg-shlibdeps" as you normally would, but
>     for "ae" it's not necessary since "ae" is compiled statically.
>     Unfortunately, "dpkg-shlibdeps" does not handle this case.
This has got to be an architecture thing. I had no problem building the
i386 version. It's linked to libc5 and ncurses3.0 (shared), and
dpkg-shlibdeps reflects this properly in substvars. Now that I have a
chance to think about it, it should probably be linked to the pic versions
of these libraries, since it is supposed to run on the base system. 
What should we do about it? Is there some reason your system builds the
package static?



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