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Packages up for grabs...

Due to my studies and the work for my employers, i have no longer the time
to maintain all of my packages.  Thus i am putting them up for grabs:

Distributed via master.debian.org:

Package		Ver	R	U	W	Comments		DSC
amd		upl102	4			2 open bugs		No
cflow		2.0	4	5					Yes
csh		5.26	4	5		Provides c-shell	Yes
kbd		0.91	4		6	4 open bugs		
lsof		3.65	2	3					Yes
nethack		3.1.3	4						No
ptx		0.4	1	2					Yes
sysnews		0.8	1	2		Replaces news		Yes
vgrind		5.7	4	5					Yes
vlock		1.0	1	2		1 open bug		Yes

Distributed via ftp.uni-mainz.de:

Package         Ver     R       U       W       Comments                DSC
SSLeay		0.6.0a	1						No
ssh		1.2.14	1			1 open bug		No

Column titles:	Ver	Version
		R	Released
		U	Uploaded to distribution site
		W	Work in Progress
		DSC	Converted to new Debian Source Control ?

Any takers?  Especially the kbd package is currently in a bad shape and
needs someone whith knowledge who can spend some time on it.

The nethack package needs an update to 3.2.1 and integration of the Qt
X11 interface (that will be most likely a lot of work to get it to fit
into the FHS!)

csh and amd have some problems under certain cisrcumstances which need
further investigation. A port of the latest csh-Version from the *BSD
sources might be a good idea, especially the USD texts are missing.

The packages distributed from ftp.uni-mainz.de need a maintainer outside
the U.S. and Canada due to patent and "security" aspects. To tell the
truth: it's illegal to export this software from these countries and due
to the usage of free RSA-code it is illegal to use the binaries in these

Dominik Kubla

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