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Bug#4542: /etc/mtab should not be rm'd

Package: sysvinit
Version: 2.64-1

/etc/init.d/boot currently clears /etc/mtab like so:

	rm -f /etc/mtab /etc/mtab~ /etc/nologin /fastboot

This is a problem if /etc/mtab is in fact some sort of special file. In my
case, I'm using a kernel patch called the transname patch. In brief, it
lets multiple computers all mount the same root partition, and provides
context-dependent files. I have a /etc/mtab file that is used by my nfs
server. There's another file named /etc/mtab#host=box# that serves as the
mtab for a diskless client named box. Processes running on box see the
contents of /etc/mtab#host=box# whenever they open /etc/mtab.

The problem comes when the boot script rm's /etc/mtab. If the script is
running on box, it actually removes /etc/mtab#host=box#. So there is no
longer a context-dependent mtab file, and so any programs running on
box now see the "real" /etc/mtab that kite uses, and all kinds of nasty
things get done to it since both computers are now using the same mtab

My solution has been to modify init.d/boot and replace the line that rm's
mtab with the following:

# Mod for transname: don't delete /etc/mtab.
rm -f /etc/mtab~ /etc/nologin /fastboot

This works quite well on my system, the mtab#host=box# file gets cleared,
but never unlinked. I don't see any problems with using this on all debian
systems, even those that don't use the transname patch. I suspect this
modification would also be useful on a system where /etc/mtab was
symlinked to /proc/mounts or something of the sort.

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