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Re: Planning to make a povray 3.0 package

Yves Arrouye wrote:
> I'd just like to know if someone's already doing that. If not, I'll do it.
> Yves.
I've almost finished it. I'm just waiting for Michael Alan Dorman to 
finish his libpng-0.89c package. (PoVRay v3.0 won't compile with 
libpng 0.88).

I've found problems with the license also:

1) I think the package will have to be in the non-free section because:

"Shareware and freeware distribution companies may distribute the software 
included in software-only compilations using media such as, but not limited 
to, floppy disk, CD-ROM, tape backup, optical disks, hard disks, or memory 
cards.  This section only applies to distributors of collected programs.  
Anyone wishing to bundle the package with a shareware product must use the 
commercial bundling rules.  Any bundling with books, magazines or other 
print media should also use the commercial rules.

You must notify us that you are distributing POV-Ray and must provide us 
with information on how to contact you should any support issues arise. 

No more than five dollars U.S. ($5) can be charged per disk for the copying 
of this software and the media it is provided on. Space on each disk must 
be used as fully as possible.  You may not spread the files over more disks 
than are necessary.

Distribution on high volume media such as backup tape or CD-ROM is 
permitted if the total cost to the user is no more than $0.08 U.S. dollars 
per megabyte of data.  For example a CD-ROM with 600 meg could cost no more 
than $48.00.  " (povlegal.doc)

2) (worst) 

"These archives must not be re-archived using a different method without the 
explicit permission of the POV-Team.  You may rename the archives only to 
meet the file name conventions of your system or to avoid file name 
duplications but we ask that you try to keep file names as similar to the 
originals as possible. (For example:POVSRC.ZIP to POVSRC30.ZIP)" (povlegal.doc)

I've e-mailed the POV-Team to see if the may give us permission to 
re-archive the program in Debian source and binary formats, but they
haven't replied yet. 

Enrique Zanardi                                            ezanardi@ull.es
Dpto. Fisica Fundamental y Experimental             http://www.dfis.ull.es
Univ. de La Laguna

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