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Bug#4529: "gmp" fails to extract when using dpkg-source

Package: gmp
Version: 1.3.2-3

While trying to extract gmp, I received the following message from 

/bld/src/new # dpkg-source -x /sys/downloads/gmp_1.3.2-3.dsc
dpkg-source: extracting gmp in gmp-1.3.2
patch: **** malformed patch at line 183: od_1.o mpn_lshift.o mpn_rshift.o 
mpn_rshiftci.o mpn_sqrt.o memory.o mp_set_fns.o _mpz_set_str.o 
_mpz_get_str.o mpz_realloc.o mp_clz_tab.o alloca.o mp_bases.o
dpkg-source: failure: patch gave error exit status 1

It appears that line 182 is too long and is being wrapped.

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