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ldso breaks a.out?

ii  ldso            1.8.2-1        The Linux dynamic linker, library
and utilit

(a recent upgrade...)  uucp hasn't been rebuilt as an ELF package, and:

paycheck+% /usr/bin/uustat
/usr/bin/uustat: can't load dynamic linker '/lib/ld.so nor
Exit -128
paycheck+% file /usr/bin/uustat
/usr/bin/uustat: setuid Linux/i386 demand-paged executable (QMAGIC),
I'm rebuilding uucp as elf (no patches or anything, just rebuilding
the debian sources.)  I'll uploaded it if that would help anyone, but
I think someone else has said they're taking over maintenance... but
in any case, I still want to be able to run a.out programs.  Can
someone else running this ld.so test it?

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