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Re: Bug#4527: dhcpd does not extract with dpkg-source

Seems that there is something wrong with dpkg-source. Why would it require
a - instead of a _ for the orig.tar.gz when all the other files for the
package have a _.

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, llucius wrote:

llucius>Package: dhcpd
llucius>Version: 0.5.13-1
llucius>The following message was received while extracting the source:
llucius># dpkg-source -x /sys/downloads/dhcpd_0.5.13-1.dsc
llucius>dpkg-source: error: tarfile `/sys/downloads/dhcpd_0.5.13.orig.tar.gz'
llucius>contains object (dhcpd_0.5.13.orig/) not in expected directory
llucius>It appears the directory names got munged somehow.

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