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Bug#4422: gcc bug?

Package: gcc
Version: 2.7.2-8

since i didn't find debian netperf package, i decided to compile netperf
however, when compiling the first file, i got

lohi:/usr/src/netperf-2.1pl1# make
cc -O -Ae -DDEBUG_LOG_FILE="\"/tmp/netperf.debug\"" -DUSE_LOOPER    -c
netperf.c -o netperf.o
*Initialization*:1: missing token-sequence in `#assert'
make: *** [netperf.o] Error 1

this looks like an error in the gcc system itself, since it didn't give
error message related to the file being compiled.

my environment should otherwise be ok, since, for example, the kernel
compiles without problems.

i'm using debian 1.1-fixed, kernel version 2.0.18.

-- juha

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