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Bug#4391: gzip -cd gives incorrect output

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> > Package: gzip
> > Version: 1.2.4-11
> > 
> I played various games with and without redirection.  I don't see any obvious
> differences between the output of 'gzip -cd a.gz' in an xterm using ctrl/s to
> stop the flow, and a cat of the previously uncompressed file.
> Can you cut&paste the output of the above two command strings to a file and
> mail it to me, or something, so I can see what you're seeing?  I'd also 
> suggest you verify the md5sum of /bin/gzip:
> 	a10f552f8e26d5c23e61a6a5415e3427  /bin/gzip

$ md5sum /bin/gzip
a10f552f8e26d5c23e61a6a5415e3427  /bin/gzip

What happens is that the first page is displayed over and over again.
The effect should be obvious if you are able to reproduce it.

Some more info about my system:

kernel: 2.0.13
libc5: 5.2.18-10

I've tried this on a 1.2.8 machine with the same gzip and it doesn't
happen.  Although the problem exists for 2.0.12 on an alpha.  And gzip
on SunOS 5.5 doesn't have this problem.

So which kernel did you use?

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