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Bug#4391: gzip -cd gives incorrect output

> Package: gzip
> Version: 1.2.4-11
> Execute these commands on the gzip file attached:
> 	gzip -cd a.gz
> 	gunzip a.gz; cat a
> The output of the former is clearly incorrect.

I can't seem to duplicate your problem.

> Note that
> if the output is redirected or piped then the errors
> disappear.  This occurs in both xterms and virtual consoles.

I played various games with and without redirection.  I don't see any obvious
differences between the output of 'gzip -cd a.gz' in an xterm using ctrl/s to
stop the flow, and a cat of the previously uncompressed file.

Can you cut&paste the output of the above two command strings to a file and
mail it to me, or something, so I can see what you're seeing?  I'd also 
suggest you verify the md5sum of /bin/gzip:

	a10f552f8e26d5c23e61a6a5415e3427  /bin/gzip


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