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Bug#4387: mirror doesn't provide do_unlinks as executable

Package: mirror
Version: 2.8-6

If you configure your mirror to be careful with deletes (e.g.
max_delete=20%) you might get the following messages:

NEED TO unlink /pub/buzz-fixes/disks-i386/1996_7_14/kernel-headers-2.0.6-0.all.deb
NEED TO unlink /pub/buzz-fixes/disks-i386/1996_7_14/kernel-image-2.0.6-0.i386.deb
NEED TO rmdir /pub/buzz-fixes/disks-i386/1996_7_14

The original mirror program provides a tool do_unlinks through which
you can pipe such a mail if you wish to remove those files/directories.

The Debian mirror package only provides this script as an example.
I would appreciate movin it into the /usr/lib/mirror direcotory
and linking it to /usr/bin/do_unliks.



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