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Re: devel directory reorg?

Guy Maor:
> > Did we reach any conclusion on reorganizing the devel directory?
> No, the suggestions got a bit silly at the end though.

Here's one more suggestion. I think it makes sense to view
Debian users as either end-users or programmers.

End-users need easy access to whatever run-time support various
languages need. They should not have to download all of the
current devel.

Programmers (including people who are just compiling stuff)
can be assumed to download all of devel.

The current devel can therefore be divided into two or three

		run-time libraries (.so, and those for the interpreted
		languages); these may be needed by programs

		also needed by programs; it probably makes sense to
		join this with libraries and call the result run-time

		needed for compilation or other program development tasks,
		never necessary to run ordinary programs

Here's a quick-n-dirty division of the current devel into the
above classes:

		CGI-modules blt id-utils libc4 libelf libg++27 libident
		libobjects libpam libwww-perl tcl74 tcl75 tclX tk40 tk41
		expect gcl guile intercal j1 perl perl-suid perl-tk
		postgres95 python python-base python-curses python-dev
		python-doc python-examples python-gdbm python-misc
		python-mpz python-net python-stdwin python-tk gclinfo
		autoconf automake bin86 binutils bison byacc c2man
		cflow dchanges ddd-smotif dejagnu dist dld dlltools
		electric-fence flex ftnchek gcc gdb gettext gmp gnat
		ilu indent libc4-dev libc5-dbg libc5-dev libc5-pic
		libdb1-dev libelf-dev libgdbm1-dev libreadline2-dev
		make ncurses3.0-dev ncurses3.0-pic p2c perl-debug pmake
		ratfor77 slang-devel slang-lib strace tcl74-dev tcl75-dev
		tk40-dev tk41-dev xxgdb glibcdoc cpp m4 cvs rcs
Also currently in devel (but misplaced, I think):


I suggest that we break out the run-time support from the current
devel, giving:

		programs and files needed to run applications
		programs and files needed to develop applications


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