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Bug#4380: crippled anon ftp

Package: wu-ftpd
Version: 2.4-23
Package: netstd
Version: 2.06-1

The man pages ftpd(8) and wu-ftpd(8) are both present on my system [Debian 1.1
kernel 2.0.0. #8] and they slightly differ from each other. However, both say,
that for anonymous ftp you need to "have ls(1) in ~ftp/bin with mode 111".
That's not enough. I had to download fileutils source and recompile ls to be
statically linked [using LDFLAGS=-static ./configure]. Without this step the
anon ftp does not return directory listing, neither it reports any error message.
It's a trap for beginners (like me).

Suggested steps:
 1. remove one of the man pages above and make it a link to the other, and
 2. include a note about the neccessity of further investigation regarding ls linking,
 2. include the statically linked ls in wu-ftpd package.

Anyway, what's the doubled *ftpd good for? The in.ftpd [or ftpd(8)] seems to
me the same as wu-ftpd(8)..... And the same maintainer...

Robert Komanec      mailto:komanec@umel.fee.vutbr.cz
UMEL FEI VUT        check out if http://www.umel.fee.vutbr.cz is alive

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