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Bug#4354: movemail doesn't work

> Why does movemail need to be setuid root ?!

Well, the package as I inherited had the following in debian.rules:

	# movemail is installed setuid so that POP can work.  (This is
	# safe.)
	chmod u+s  \

I suspect this has to do with using movemail locally on a machine
which is also a pop server, but I haven't verified that. (The emacs
build "blessmail" process will only make it setgid mail.)  Anyone else

> dpkg --fsys-tarfile .../editors/emacs_19.31-2.deb |tar tzvf - |grep movemail

Nope, doesn't work.  Ahh -- it's tar tvf, not tar tzvf.

> dpkg --contents .../editors/emacs_19.31-2.deb |grep movemail

Ah, indeed.  For some reason I thought it didn't give the modes, but I
was probably confusing it with --listfiles, which doesn't.

Still haven't heard from the original reporter what, if anything,
explains why his movemail wasn't installed properly...

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